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Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced duplicate photo finder that can analyze and recognize photos by content, regardless of their file name, format, photo size, and orientation. Thanks to its intelligent scanning algorithms, the program identifies exact duplicates as well as edited, rotated or cropped photos. You will be able to manage your whole photo library within minutes thanks to the program's easy to use interface, flexible options and phenomenal accuracy.

Image Similarity

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  • Find duplicate photos and similar pictures by photo content
  • Scan for duplicates within one folder or compare several folders
  • Supports different formats: JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF, TIFF, ICO, PSD and RAW.
  • Select from two scanning algorithms and adjust the similarity threshold
  • Preview photos in the built-in photo viewer
  • Delete, copy, and move files with a single mouse click
  • Keep the best photos and delete the rest
  • Make your photo library smaller without deleting anything you need
  • Find duplicates in your iPhoto media library

This duplicate photo finder is different because it works using a method called "Content-Based Image Retrieval", or "CBIR" for short. Using CBIR, the actual image content is analyzed for RGB color component changes. This information is used to compare the photo to other processed images. Photos with similar content are presented side-by-side, so that you can decide which to keep and which to delete. This software is very useful for professional and amateur photographers who have large image libraries they need to sort through.

Quick Tip of the Month

Quick Tip of the Month

Do you want to scan your photos for a particular element contained in one of them? The new Sector Detail Scan makes that possible. Simply select Sector Detail Scan as the Scan Mode, upload a photo and use the grid to select an area on it. Then select some folders to scan and Duplicate Photo Cleaner will look for similarities to that element you've just selected in all the other photos. This scan mode is very precise, which means it can take a lot of time to complete. That's why it's best to scan smaller folders using the Sector Detail Scan mode.