Compare and Manage Your Photos by Their Subject

Smartphone and other types of digital cameras are great - you don’t have to fumble with film and you can take as many photos of a scene or a subject as you want. This makes taking great photos so much easier because you can always choose the best shot when you’re reviewing your photos. However, taking multiple photos of the same subject also creates a problem: tons of similar photos that waste gigabytes of disk space.

The Same Subject Scan mode is ideal for finding all photos of the same subject or scene, comparing them using intelligent matching technology, and managing them automatically using DPC’s smart bulk-selection options.

How to Use Duplicate Photo Cleaner’s Same Subject Scan

When DPC’s Standard Scan gives you too many results, it’s easier to narrow down your search by using the Same Subject Scan instead. This mode will ask you to select a photo and then look for similar content in the rest of your images. When the scan is complete, you’ll be presented with a list of all the photos sharing that subject.

To get started comparing photos by their subject, follow these steps:

  1. Open Duplicate Photo Cleaner and select Same Subject Scan from the scan modes drop-down menu
  2. Add a photo you want to compare other images with to the left window
  3. Now add the folders where you want to look for duplicate and similar images to the right window, adjust the similarity threshold slider (it’s set to 50% by default) and click on the Start Scan button
  4. Wait for the scan to finish and examine the results. You can use the View menu to switch between Multiviewer, Tree, and Table views.
  5. Select the images you want to delete. You can select them one by one or use DPC’s handy bulk-selection options.
  6. When you’re ready, click on the trash can icon to delete all selected duplicates, or on the move icon to move them to a different folder.
  7. If you discover that you’ve deleted some photos by accident, use the Undo button to put them back.

Try the Same Subject Scan mode today to manage your photos even more efficiently!

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Who can benefit from using Duplicate Photo Cleaner?

Duplicate Photo Cleaner can assist anyone who keeps photos on their computers. It's really handy for:

  • Professional photographers. As a photographer, you can quickly group a series of photos and choose the best photo. The program supports RAW images, which makes it ideal for professionals.
  • Webmasters. Webmasters who have websites with many photos and graphics can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to organize photos and delete duplicate images that take space on the hard disk.
  • PC users. People who have a lot of pictures, digital photos and desktop wallpapers can rely on Duplicate Photo Cleaner to remove redundant or slightly modified files, making the collection perfect and organized.