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Duplicate Photo Cleaner helps you organize your photos in a quick, easy and effective way. No matter whether you take photos with your smartphone or a professional dSLR, Duplicate Photo Cleaner lets you delete the duplicates and organize similar photos in just a few clicks.

  • Find Duplicates by Photo Content

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner brings a whole new methodology to how you can find duplicate photos. Unlike most duplicate photo finders that search for duplicate files by file name, file size and date, this program compares photos just as a human would. This duplicate photo finder can find similar files with any degree of similarity that can be set by the user. The program identifies edited, cropped, rotated images and photos taken using different camera settings. The innovative content-based photo comparison algorithm ensures phenomenal accuracy.

  • Find Duplicate Photos or Similar Pictures with Ease

    This duplicate photo finder lets you find duplicate photos and delete the ones you don't need within minutes. To start the search, simply select the folders you want to scan, select a scan mode (the program can search for duplicates in any folder on your PC or Mac, including your iPhoto library), and run a scan. You can also set the custom level of photo similarity, which determines how the duplicate photo finder searches for similarities in files. By default, this level is set to 50%.

  • Delete and Move Files with a Single Click

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner allows you to manage duplicate photos the way you want it. When the scan is over, you can review the scan results and preview all duplicate photos. All images are presented as duplicate groups where one file is the original and the rest are duplicates. All you need to do is select the duplicates and tell the program whether you want to delete them into Trash or move them to a different folder.

  • Scan Files in Different Image Formats

    This duplicate photo finder is able to find duplicate photos and similar images regardless of their format. It supports JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF, TIFF, ICO, PSD and RAW. The list of supported photo files is updated with new formats regularly.

  • Preview Photos Using the Program

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner has an embedded photo viewer that allows you to view photo thumbnails and compare duplicate pairs side by side. The photo viewer will help you make sure you are deleting the right files and not the files you want to keep.

  • Compare Images in Different Folders

    Do you need to check your backups for duplicates or prepare several folders for merging? Duplicate Photo Cleaner's Folder Comparison mode will help you do that in less than five minutes. It will compare images in target folders against images in source folders, find duplicate pictures, and mark the originals with an "M" icon to make it easy to delete the duplicates and keep the master files.

  • Delete Duplicates in Photos App

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner can find and delete duplicates in Photos in just a couple of clicks, which makes it prefect for managing photos on your Mac. If you still use iPhoto, Duplicate Photo Cleaner works with it too.

  • Unmatched Precision with Sector Detail Scan

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a unique scan mode that makes it possible to find an element from one image in other photos. This mode offers unmatched precision and is great for professional photographers and designers.

  • Find Duplicates in Adobe Lightroom

    Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a scan mode that makes it easy to manage content in Adobe Lightroom. Now finding duplicate and similar Lightroom images is easier than ever before.

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