How to Organize Your Photo Library for the Holidays

We all love capturing precious moments during the holiday season but nobody wants to deal with a messy camera roll.


Thanksgiving and Christmas family shots are great but if you have too many of them looking very similar, viewing your albums gets boring. Add to that blurry and underexposed images and you'll appreciate the whole experience a lot less.

When you're getting ready for the holiday season, you'd not only want to make enough space on your camera, phone, and PC - you'd also want to keep your albums organized, especially when you are capturing multiple shots in a short period of time. Think of all the photos you take when the kids are unwrapping their presents or when the whole family is gathered by the Christmas tree!

So, how do you organize your photo library for the holidays? Here are a few things you need to do.

Sort it Out

Yes, the first thing you need to do to organize your photo library is to sort everything that's already there. This will help you to avoid adding to the digital mess.

Before you start, run Duplicate Photo Cleaner to find duplicate and similar photos to delete. Using this duplicate photo finder will let you get rid of all the unwanted photos like multiple shots of the same subject, low-quality photos, cropped and resized images, and unwanted copies.

Once that's done, you can move on to organizing your photo albums. There are two common sorting options you can opt for:

  • Organize by Date: This is probably the most efficient option to organize your photos on your PC. Structure your library properly by organizing the photos folder and subfolders by date. You can create folders by year with subfolders named by months and events. This way, you’ll be able to locate your photos quickly.
  • Organize by Place or Event: Another good option is to organize your photos library by place or event. If needed, you can create subfolders with the date or as you prefer. Sort alphabetically or use the search box to find photos and albums.

Use the Delete Button

The Delete button can be your best friend when you are up for organizing your photo library for the holidays. You need to de-clutter your photo library and get rid of any photos you don't need anymore. Think of screenshots, photo downloads from websites, and any other images that serve no purpose.

Create New Albums

After simplifying the camera roll, add new albums where you're going to put new photos. You can name them anything you like and import photos as they come. Plan ahead and save all the new photos there so that you won’t end up losing any of them.

Create a Backup

Taking things a step further, back up your photos on Google Photos to organize things in a simple and effective manner. To start with, download the app and create a backup of your photos library. While the app automatically backs up all your photos from your phone, you can set it to manual backups to be in control of when the backups are created and which folders get backed up.

Mark Favorites

You can always mark favorites in your photo library to track photos and videos that you may want to print or share in the future.

The built-in favorites system in the Photos app allows you to mark your favorite content really quickly. Just tap that empty star icon that you see at the top right when an image or video is opened. You can then find all the favorite items in “Favorites” on the top of your “Albums” page.

Get your photo library organized today and make some room for the precious moments you’ll capture during the holidays.

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